Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ISAIAH 54:17

Let me tell you a story about some precious little girls that have come to our Kids Club a couple of times.

Three sweet sisters, ranging in ages between three and eleven, just moved out of the run down extended stay hotel room where they’ve been, and in with their single mom’s brand new boyfriend.

I felt nauseous when I found out.

I don’t know anything about the man that these girls moved in with, but I do know that this puts them at extreme risk for being sexually abused. A lot of sexual abuse happens in the homes of single moms who have boyfriends and uncles over.

See, the girls’ mom is just trying to survive. She wanted to get her babies out of a one-room extended stay hotel, and she saw this as her way out.

One of the biggest risk factor of entering into the sex industry is a history of childhood sexual abuse. 89% of women in the sex industry say they have been sexually abused. We think it’s more like 100%, based on the women that we know.

People who have been treated like objects (usually by people that they know … like mom’s boyfriend, dad, or uncle, or even their own boyfriend) really believe that they’re not much more than just that – an object.

Pray that they will receive the truth about who they really are – their identity as royal children of the Most High King. They are more than objects. They are more than fearful slaves. They are heirs with Jesus. They are royalty in the Kingdom of Heaven. They were made for greatness. God's plans for them are good. God doesn't ever turn His eyes away from them.


I declare that those girls will be FREE to live in the truth of their identity in the name of Jesus.

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