Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prayer Time with the Kiddos

For the past couple of weeks, we have gathered the kids together before we left the ministry site to pray with them. After getting into a circle (well, I guess it depends on your definition of a circle), the kids just randomly call out their prayers to the Lord.

Their prayers are simple and beautiful. And really funny.

“Thank you, God, for (starts going around the circle and naming volunteers, but stops after about 4 people) and … all these people, I can’t name everybody.”

“Thank You for shelter.”

“Thank You for Jesus!”

“And thank You for my happy face!” – coming from the kid who I mentioned in a previous blog with a few anger issues.

“And thank You for my butt … LORD, have mercy!!” – Yes, she really did thank the Lord for her butt. And yes, we did laugh.

“Thank You for giving us food.”

One of the girls turns to me and asked, “Do you think there’s gonna be food in Heaven? I want some ham!”

I responded by saying, “Well, why don’t you ask the Lord about that.”

So she did and then said, “He said yes. There’s gonna be ham!”

One of the little 3 year old girls would pop up every now and then throughout the prayer time and simply say, “And God loves me!”

She said the same thing several times, but it never got old. For some reason, I never get tired of that truth. GOD LOVES ME!!! It’s so simple and soooo freakin awesome.

So here’s my prayer: “Thank You Lord, for these babies that You love so much. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for loving them! Open their arms wide to your extravagant love for them, and let them simply receive it, and walk with it, and clothe themselves with it, and give it out freely. Pour out Your love on them, Lord. Pour it out. You are such a good Papa!”

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