Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Treasure

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure (Matt. 13). So when craft time came, the kids got to color a treasure box and then glued sequins of all different colors and shapes to represent the beautiful and extravagant treasures that God has in His Kingdom to give away.

Our wonderful NightLight intern was sitting with one of the 8-year-old boys as he was making his craft. She listened to him as he told her all about his treasure box.

He said, “This is my treasure that Jesus gave me,” and then he picked up one of the sequins that looked somewhat like a key and added, “And this is the key that opens the treasure box.”

Pretending to open the treasure box with his “key,” he said, “Jesus gave me this key so that I can open the treasure box He gave me and give the treasure to the homeless people.”

He then started naming all the treasures that he was going to give to the homeless people, including clothes, razors to shave their faces, showers, etc.

Isn’t that awesome? A kid that is almost homeless himself wants to give Heavenly treasures to people that don’t have a home.

You see, when we receive the goodness of the Lord, it makes us want to share it with others. When we receive Kingdom treasures, we want others to have them, too.

I like to call it “living out of the overflow.” When God fills us with His perfect love, we can’t help but overflow with it.

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